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Designing Schools for STEM

Is school design for STEM about encouraging chance encounters across subject areas?

The recent announcement by the SA Government of a $250m stimulus package to provide Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths (STEM) facilities for government schools has prompted the question: what does designing for STEM look like?

There are many articles noting how STEM skills are vital to the future of Australia; concerns about low numbers of science and mathematics graduates; and much talk about innovation. When it comes to design of spaces for STEM in schools, the principles seem to be the same as for most other disciplines: flexible, adaptable and interconnected environments which encourage a range of learning styles and cater for different group sizes and activities. We have seen the introduction of the Maker movement into schools, with laser cutters and 3D printers now common, and the rise of all things digital.

UniSA College: Science & Maths Centre, Mawson Lakes Photograph: Michael Bodroghy

UniSA College: Science & Maths Centre, Mawson Lakes  Photographer: Michael Bodroghy


When planning the UniSA College Centre for Science and Maths at Mawson Lakes, we emphasized a range of table, seating and display possibilities with less emphasis on traditional lab experiments and more on space for 3D printers and scanners. The structure of the existing building only allowed us to create very small display windows facing circulation areas – but this became an advantage as it gives a museum-like prestige to the objects on display. The building fabric also tells a story – the recycled timber ceiling screen is a graph of global warming. Continue reading

Ground-breaking ceremony marks the start of UniSA Mt. Gambier Construction phase

UniSA groundbreaking ceremony_resize
Prof. David Lloyd (Centre), Dr. Laura-Anne Bull and Mt Gambier staff turn the first sod

John Held and Craig Buckberry represented Russell & Yelland at Mt Gambier on 14th January when the Vice Chancellor and President of UniSA, Prof. David Lloyd, and the Pro Vice Chancellor for Student Engagement and Equity, Laura-Anne Bull, celebrated the start of construction of Mt Gambier’s new Learning Centre.

Associate Dean, Teaching and Learning Judy Nagy complimented the design team of Guida Moseley Brown and Russell & Yelland for their willingness to fully understand the local context of the project.

UniSA groundbreaking ceremony
Project team members Rob Lustri (UniSA FMU), Craig Buckberry, Judy Nagy, Ivana Glavinic May (UniSA Project Manager), John Held

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New Teaching Facilities for UniSA at Mt Gambier

UniSA_Mt_Gambier_002Construction has commenced on UniSA’s new teaching building at Mt Gambier in a joint project with Russell & Yelland and Guida Moseley Brown Architects.

Located on the TAFE campus, the $12.5m project will allow the expansion of university courses including nursing, social work, education and Foundation Studies, at this important regional hub.

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