Russell Yelland

Improving the architecture of our lives – where we learn, work, care for and connect with one another – is our responsibility.

About Us

We pursue design quality and equality by working with metropolitan, rural and regional communities, and we have done this across South Australia and beyond since our founding.

A tight-knit team, we drive productive and open collaborations that are optimistic and future-focused, and we love nothing more than being invited to return to design for the next generation.

Since 1939 we have cultivated a reputation for expert knowledge and technical capability, and have shared these learnings with one another, with our industry peers, and with the clients we serve. Architecture is a rewarding profession, where attentiveness and acquired skill combine uniquely to address complex design challenges. And our ultimate goal? To build happier, healthier and more united communities.

1/5 Art Deco detailing for the new offices of engineers, Gibb & Miller, Port Adelaide, 1945.

2/5 Post-war constraints prevented new churches from being built in the late 40s and 50s, but repairs were permitted. Redevelopment of the fire-damaged St Mark's Church converted the building into a cathedral. The project cemented Russell & Yelland's unofficial role as architects for the Diocese for several decades from 1949.

3/5 Front elevation of the proposed Flinders Theatre, Port Lincoln, 1945.

4/5 Barmera Community Centre: sketch by William Lucas, with Russell & Yelland, 1966.

5/5 The award-winning UniSA Mt Gambier Learning Centre, delivered in collaboration with Guida Moseley Brown Architects, 2016.


Founding an architecture partnership in 1939, as war loomed, was a leap of faith.

But strong collaboration and a deep understanding of community needs would set the tone for an agile and resourceful practice into the future.

Large drawing boards, T-squares and painstaking watercolour renders might have made way for complex 3D visualisation, but our vision remains the same. We seek impactful, efficient, empowering designs that enable communities to do what they do best.