Russell Yelland

An empathic approach to design is what sets us apart. Above all else, we value knowledge, integrity and responsibility.

Our Approach

The best designs are borne of curiosity and free thinking.

The best designs are borne of curiosity and free thinking. Discovery: Dichroic glass windows inspire STEM curiosity at Concordia College

Communities are as diverse as they are complex. Whether designing for a school, a hospital, civic space or faith-based assembly, we must examine the unique and interdependent needs of all stakeholders.

At Russell & Yelland, we are known for uncovering the brief behind the brief. Our designs respond to the needs of individual communities because they are forged in forensic questioning, active listening and a commitment to agile thinking as clearer needs surface.

To design best for community, we must design with community.

To design best for community, we must design with community. Collaboration: Capturing student vision at Galilee Catholic School

Our best design ideas are often the result of collective thinking – working closely with community and with the specialist consultants we trust. Architecture aims to positively change the built environment, so it makes sense that a building’s end users should heavily inform its design.

Our design and project management expertise offers unique value, but we never underestimate the important role our host communities play in attaching meaning to renewal of place.

Visual technologies empower communities.

Visual technologies empower communities. Visualisation: Improving the speed and impact of design

To truly understand a proposed concept, communities must experience a design vision for themselves. We utilise the latest visualisation tools, including virtual reality experiences, 3D modelling and panoramic room views from the outset at no additional cost to the client. These digital design tools build stakeholder confidence in the design direction, allowing communities to picture themselves within future space. Importantly, this also assists our clients in making more informed refinement decisions.

We have played a pivotal industry role in the development and sharing of visualisation technology knowledge in SA since its inception, because we know it significantly benefits the communities for whom we design.

Risk is often predictable.

To plan for risk is to ensure success. In safeguarding the success of any project, we carefully manage all stages of design and construction, and understand that early identification of risk is a key mitigation strategy. Complex staged works and significant upgrades are a mainstay of our portfolio, which can only be achieved with assiduous planning and attention to project detail.

Our team manages regular in-house quality assurance audits, and we involve specialist consultants at the earliest possible stage to account for unique site complexity and likely risk indicators.

Design excellence can be achieved within budget.

Design excellence can be achieved within budget. Economy: On time and within budget at Cabra Dominican College

A lean and efficient team, we are proud of our reputation for delivering complex projects on time and within budget. We respect cost limitations and establish clear phases and milestones to keep all projects on track; this includes building in adequate time for design review and feedback.

As architects and designers, we will always strive for elegance, but we equally uphold the pursuit of efficient master plans and the specification of cost-effective materials. Our tendency towards research ensures we always consider various options that will achieve the intended effect, preferring those with minimum financial cost to the client. Regular repeat business is our best metric of success.